Return to Gray on February’s Final Day

Mostly clear early, becoming overcast by midday. Calm winds and temperatures around 30F. I didn’t make it out until the afternoon. I wasn’t feeling very ambitious, so added a drive out to Starrigavan with a needed stop by the grocery store. Gull numbers at Starrigavan have been down recently. I only saw a handful today. … Read more

Starrigavan in the Sun

Clear and chilly. Temperatures near freezing with light winds. There were a bunch of aurora photos from Sitka on social media when I looked today. As best I could tell, I actually waited too long to go out. It seems the brightest lights were between 9pm and 10pm. Based on the photos, they were quite … Read more

Sunny Day, Auroral Night

Clear and chilly. Into the 20s overnight and at or slightly above freezing (depending on location) today. This afternoon I walked the section of newer Cross Trail with Kitty from Old Sitka to the junction. We passed several folks with skis (some carrying them, others still working at skiing). I thought I might have heard … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #283 – Alia Lesnek (encore)

Download Radio Show The February 26th show featured a conversation with geologist Alia Lesnek. Originally recorded and aired in July 2021, we spoke about her work investigating the timing of glacial retreat in Southeast Alaska, as well what raised marine clam beds tell us about ancient sea levels, and her recent experience in Sitka looking … Read more

Winter Birds and Snowy Landscapes

Partly cloudy early, becoming overcast with snow in the afternoon. Temperatures just above freezing. Calm wind. Snow accumulation overnight appeared to total 4 inches or so at my house. By the time I was out and looking, it was a little above freezing. I suspect it had already begun to melt and compact. I woke … Read more

Return of Snow

Overcast and breezy through the day. Snow beginning this afternoon and accumulating 3+ inches by late this evening. With the snow starting last night, and the winter weather advisory, I was a little surprised to see only enough to make the ground white. Through the morning and into early afternoon, there were only scattered flakes. … Read more