Warm (for January) Sunny Day

Clear and warm for the time of year. Temperatures into the low 40s.

When I looked outside this morning, I could see frost covering the ground. Temperatures overnight were likely significantly cooler at my house than the official low of 33.

With a call this morning, I didn’t get out until after lunch.

I drove around the industrial park and didn’t see the bunting. The cove didn’t have many birds when I looked, though I didn’t stay long.

I stopped along the road around Herring Cove to check out bryophytes on one of the roadside cliffs. I photographed and collected what I think may be as many as five species. I’ll need to do some additional work at some point if I want to get most of them identified.

On a stop by Totem Park, a couple of dippers were behaving somewhat aggressively towards each other. I got pictures of one as it stood on a rock below the foot bridge. It chattered in the direction of another dipper.

A Fox Sparrow at the kelp patch pullout was a new year bird for me. So far I’ve managed to see a new bird each day of the year. That streak will certainly end soon.

The Brambling showed briefly while I watched near Sealing Cove.

I walked up on the bridge for sunset. Clouds on the horizon kept me from seeing the sun drop below the horizon.

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