Return to Pherson Street Rock

Generally overcast with patchy fog this morning. Calm winds and temperatures near 40. After getting breakfast and then dropping my parents off for their flight south, I headed out for a bit. Sawmill Cove was fairly quiet. At Swan Lake I noticed the Sandhill Crane along the shore on the far side. The coot continues … Read more

Pherson Street Rock

Low clouds and fog drizzle through much of the day. I didn’t spend much time outside today, but did go for a drive. I checked some bird spots, and didn’t see anything unexpected. The coot was at the lake, but not the Wood Ducks. I didn’t cross paths with the crane today. I was considering … Read more

Sitka Birds 2023 Calendar

In an effort to share more of the pictures that sit on my hard drive unseen by anyone but me, I’ve created a monthly calendar featuring some of my favorite bird photos from 2022. This idea was conceived late in the season, and is a bit of an experiment for me. Rather than getting a … Read more

Killer Whale Watching

Overcast and breezy. Warmer temperatures into the 40s. Rain held off until later this evening. I went out to Silver Bay shortly before midday. I sat at the dock for 15 minutes watching for birds. While scanning further out, I noticed a pod of Killer Whales surfacing. I saw them a couple different times before … Read more

Winter Sunshine

Mostly clear skies with temperatures in the 30s. Clearing skies overnight resulted in a layer of ice developing on the wet ground. My brother’s flight south was due to depart at midday. After dropping him off at the airport, I dropped the rest of my family at home and headed out to look about. I … Read more

Indian River Valley Excursion

Overcast with some rain. Temperatures in the upper 30s. Connor reported hearing White-winged Crossbills up Indian River valley recently. I’ve not observed them so far this year, so decided to head up that way to see if I might be able to find them. My brother joined me. We made reasonable time up the trail. … Read more