Winter Birds and Sunset

Clear and chilly. Temperatures got into the upper 20s overnight and near 30 today, depending on location.

I spent part of my morning, and most of the late afternoon and evening working on making prints. I started to get a little more organized with them on my computer. That took more time today, but should save time in the future. Otherwise I was focused on processing and getting prints to look how I wanted. All were photos I had previously printed (I was mostly looking to replace prints that had previously sold), but some of them seemed a little off to me today.

I did got out for a bit this afternoon.

I started with a walk down to Etolin Street where I was able to observe the Bohemian Waxwing.

A male Anna’s Hummingbird flew by for a drink, but didn’t stay long. While he was feeding, he remained on the far side of the feeder.

I checked the kelp patch pullout and didn’t find any birds there.

At Moller Park there were many juncos and a Lincoln’s Sparrow. In the area I saw a starling and Varied Thrush as well.

I was just starting to leave for Japonski Island when I got a text from KJ with a photo of a tree sparrow. She had seen it near Sealing Cove.

I was able to get a look at it. It put me up to 173 species in Sitka this year, much closer than I expected to get to last year’s personal record of 180.

I got a brief look at the Brambling up in the trees over by Lazaria Drive before leaving to catch the sunset from the bridge.

The horizon was as clear as I’ve ever seen it.

I captured an omega sun nicely framing Kulichkof/6 Mile Rock. The sun continued beyond it as it set. Today the sun was reportedly at 226 degrees at sunset. From the 13th through the 29th it’s supposed to set at 225 degrees. I’m guessing the sun is still moving positions during those two weeks, but just not enough to make it past another degree of direction.

With any luck, during that stretch there will be some days as clear as this one, and I can see how close the sun gets to Kulichkof/6 Mile as it drops below the horizon.

Connor did the first of two bird walks this morning. He said only three people showed up (which was fine by him.) I will try to remember to send a reminder message out the day before his next one.

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