Channel and Beach Observations

Mostly cloudy. Temperatures in the low 40s. I spent the morning at home. Looking out the north windows, I could see some blue sky through broken clouds. To the south, it looked like sun was shining in places. I did not get out until after lunch. By this time clouds had increased, but it did … Read more

Late February Gray Day Outings

Overcast with occasional rain. Breezy at some locations, and temperatures in the 40s. With only .05 inches of precipitation at the airport today, it’s likely the total for February will fall short of the record. Unlike the past couple of days, it did rain in town. On a drive out to Starrigavan late this morning, … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #257 – Courtney Hart

Download Radio Show The February 27th show featured a conversation with Courtney Hart. Courtney is a PhD student with the University of Alaska School of Fisheries studying harmful algal blooms in relationship with shellfish (particularly geoduck) fisheries in Southeast Alaska. She was in Sitka for the month of February as part of the Scientist in … Read more

More Mosses

Overcast and breezy. Temperatures into the upper 40s. Just a bit of rain fell in town. Once again the forecast rain appeared to remain offshore. Winds are also greater out there, with the buoy reporting seas over 21 feet just before noon today. The forecast still calls for rain tonight and tomorrow. If it doesn’t … Read more

Northern Shrike and Gull Gathering

Overcast and breezy. The forecast rain mostly didn’t show up in town. Radar imagery showed it was falling offshore. We did see a bit of rain later this evening. I had a brief meeting about upcoming observing work which will happen in the channel. Before the meeting I went by the airport and saw the … Read more

Micro Views and First Moth

A continuing marine layer made for cloudy conditions through the morning. Around midday it broke up over town and we had a fair bit of sun before it reformed. Temperatures reached the low 40s. After recording a conversation for my radio show, I headed out the road to visit Starrigavan. The tide was out a … Read more