Mossy Green Riparian Forest

Mostly cloudy with occasional light rain. Overcast became thicker later in the day. I walked down to the park this morning with the idea that I might catch the tide on its way up from the 7am low, but with enough beach left for shorebirds. I turned out to be a bit late and the … Read more

You Are Here, Now

Overcast, rain in the afternoon and evening. Seemed to be calmer than forecast, though a bit of a breeze out of the southwest during the latter part of my time out. Temperatures in the low 40s. I got a message about a possible golden-plover over at the airport this morning. It flew off before any … Read more

Cascade Creek Exploring

Overcast skies with rain developing later in the day. Temperatures in the 40s. While on a call this morning I noticed White-cheeks the junco come to the porch feeder. I didn’t have my camear beside me, so was not able to document the occasion with a photo. I didn’t make it out until later in … Read more

Sunny Sunday Saunter

Clear and sunny with temperatures into the mid 40s. Calm to light breeze. I made it out of the house shortly before 10am. Frost had melted off the car where the sun was on it, but still covered places in the shade. I started up Indian River trail motivated in part because the ibuttons were … Read more