October Ends

Skies were cloudy and there was a bit of a rain throughout much of the day. It was enough to bring precipitation for October up to within an inch or so of the 20 (or 30?) year average for the month (~13 inches). I spent much of the day inside on calls or working on … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #143 – Ben Burford

Download Radio Show The October 29th show featured a conversation with Ben Burford, a PhD candidate studying California market squid at Stanford. We spoke primarily about California market squid, their natural history, and some of the interesting questions raised by their presence around Sitka the past couple of years. (Conversation is introduced at 3:10.) K. … Read more

Two Rainy Days

Over four inches of rain fell yesterday and today. The 2.44 inches recorded yesterday at the airport station represented a record for the date (today’s 1.6 inches is just shy of the record 1.7 inches). Despite the rains, monthly totals are still slightly below average. I was somewhat relieved that the dock construction didn’t involve … Read more

Fall on Harbor Mountain

I was a little surprised to wake up this morning and see clear blue skies and white frost covering the ground. I guess I hadn’t paid enough attention to the forecast (focusing instead on the call for heavy rains in the next couple of days). After getting some work done this morning and eating lunch, … Read more

Jellyfish and Young Growth

After yesterday’s wind and rain, today’s dry overcast and calm was a welcome change for my time out on Silver Bay. I spent the better part of three hours out watching while the construction crew worked on getting the first of the large piles for the new dock anchored into bedrock. Unlike yesterday, there were … Read more

Windy Day

Today’s gusty winds didn’t hit town evenly. It was breezy with some intermittent gusts here at the house, but when I went out to sandy beach and SeaMart, it was interesting to see relatively calm water, with minimal swell making only small waves coming into the beach. I did notice cats paws blowing across the … Read more