Termination Dust

Today offered a brief interlude between rains, with clouds breaking up this morning and partly cloudy skies prevailing. While checking things out over by the airport after a meeting downtown this morning, I noticed a little bit of fresh snow showing Bear Mountain through a brief break in the clouds. It was hard to say … Read more

Heavy Clouds and Showers

Last night I woke up a couple of different times to the sound of heavy rain showers. I think they were mostly short-lived, but they were quite loud. I spent most of the day inside getting some work done, but did make a trip out to the industrial park to take care of some paperwork … Read more

Fall Weather

It wasn’t full on fall storm, but at various points during the day, the rain fell hard and it was quite blustery. Temperatures are still holding in the 50s, but I suspect that will end soon. As of a couple of days ago, termination dust had yet to arrive, but heavy clouds obscured the mountaintops … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #141 – Bob Armstrong (encore)

Download Radio Show The October 1st show featured a conversation with Bob Armstrong, originally recorded in Spring 2014 and aired in July of that year. The conversation starts about 6 minutes in. Bob has been actively updating his site with photos and videos over the years since this originally aired – it’s an amazing resource … Read more