Sitka Nature Show #145 – Zach LaPerriere

Download Radio Show The November 26th show featured a conversation with Sitka-based woodworker Zach LaPerriere. We talked about spalted wood and an upcoming talk by Dr. Sara Robinson, as well as his process for creating bowls, and what he learns about the wood he uses and the history of the trees that provided the wood. … Read more

Blustery Winds

Officially temperatures warmed significantly overnight and through day, but gusty winds out of the east made that less seem less than obvious to me. Connor found the Purple Finch around mid-morning on Etolin Street today. Later in the day he checked Swan Lake and found a second coot had joined the one that has been … Read more

Cold Day, Channel Birds

Clear and calm overnight resulted in the coldest night (and day) so far this season.  Although the sun was shining for the first half of the day, clouds started moving over this afternoon. I did not spend too much time outside, but did get out on an afternoon boat trip around the causeway and back … Read more

Purple Finch

I took a short walk around the neighborhood around noon after dropping my dad off at the airport. I saw no sign of the Purple Finch, though other birds (juncos, primarily) seemed to be acting a little strange. I’m not sure what was going on, but some of them seemed a little agitated. This afternoon … Read more

Cooperative Creeper

Today was one of those with heavy clouds where even mid-day light levels are more like dusk . Snow continued to fall throughout much of the day, occasionally mixing with rain, before turning to rain this evening. However, it did not accumulate here in the neighborhoods where I live. I did take a drive out … Read more

First Snow

Calm and clear conditions allowed overnight temperatures to finally drop into the 20s for the first time this season. The cold looks to be short-lived, however, as the forecast calls for rain tomorrow. My day was fairly scheduled with work calls, but I did take a short (~10 minute) saunter down the street and back … Read more