Fall Fruiting

It’s a good year for seaberries and apples in my yard, with plenty of fruit waiting to be harvested. Today I documented some fruiting fungi found in my neighborhood. My iNaturalist Observations for Yesterday My iNaturalist Observations for Today

Afternoon Walks on Sunny Fall Days

Yesterday morning Connor texted me from the park to let me know he had found a Warbling Vireo. It’s a bird I have heard a couple of times, but never had a good look at (though Connor had previously found and photographed one in the park). I was on a call for work, but thanks … Read more

Western Tanager (only five tries needed)

This morning I was interested to get a text from Ryan C. about a bird that sounded suspiciously like a Western Tanager (he didn’t have binoculars to be certain). After multiple previous attempts to get a look at (and picture of) Western Tanagers over the years, I was hopeful maybe this one would be cooperative. … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #140 – Debbie Miller

Download Radio Show The September 17th show featured a conversation with Debbie Miller, a nature writer who has written several books featuring Alaskan natural history subjects. We started the conversation talking about shorebird migration and life history, especially that of the Pacific Golden-Plover (subject of Flight of the Golden Plover: The Amazing Migration Between Hawaii … Read more

Wet September Days

Wet weather has continued – Photos from visits to Japonski Island (Wednesday and Thursday), Halibut Point Rec (Thursday), and Thimbleberry Lake (today) over the course of this week. My iNaturalist Observations for Wednesday My iNaturalist Observations for Thursday My iNaturalist Observations for Today

Suspended Slug

Rowan told me about seeing slugs suspended from trees on her walk today. I was curious about this, so had her show me, and sure enough, there were several of the smaller slugs (introduced Arion sp) hanging from a thin line of slime. Attached to alders above my head, the thin cord of slime stretched … Read more