Windy Day

Today’s gusty winds didn’t hit town evenly. It was breezy with some intermittent gusts here at the house, but when I went out to sandy beach and SeaMart, it was interesting to see relatively calm water, with minimal swell making only small waves coming into the beach. I did notice cats paws blowing across the surface in places, but the rougher waters were clearly further out. From the bridge it appeared there was much more wave action in Crescent Bay, with even more out towards Eastern Channel.

My dad is in town and he went cranberry picking with the kids. They had some success as they picked nearly a gallon in a morning and afternoon trip.

Tomorrow the dock construction projects starts driving new piles (previously it’s just been removing of old ones), so I will start the boat-based part of my observation work. It will be interesting to see if I can wear enough clothes to stay warm for the multiple hours out on an open skiff. Hopefully conditions are calmer than they were today.

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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