Star and Comet Trails

The fuzzy green light trail of Comet Lovejoy stands out from the light trails of nearby stars

It’s been another warm, wet, and dark January, but the clouds finally parted and today was the first sunny day since the first weekend of the year. Fortunately, the temperature didn’t drop much, as with all the warm weather many buds have broken on many plants. The leaves that have started to push out are more vulnerable to cold, so if we do get a particularly cold snap in the next couple of months, it could be hard on the shrubs.

Today’s outside time included a walk around Totem Park and some night photography from the deck. I was glad to be able to get some additional photos of Comet Lovejoy, I had been hoping the weather would cooperate around the time of the new moon, but it didn’t work out that way. With the help of some charts I found on-line, I was able to find the comet. I could only barely see it through binoculars, but the camera picked it up pretty well.

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