Phalaropes and Gull

Even totally motion blurred in flight, a juvenile Sabine’s Gull is not hard to recognize I was looking out the window from class at UAS this afternoon when I saw a very distinctively different looking gull flying out over the Channel. My thought was that it was probably a Sabine’s Gull, so I suggested my … Read more

Fall at Starrigavan Estuary

It seems like every fall I spend a little time making special note of some of the pockets of color that I find, and this year was no exception. On a mid-October trip to Starrigavan Estuary I noticed there were several Pacific crabapples (Malus fusca) with yellow leaves tucked between the dark green boughs of … Read more

Storm Followup

Overnight I woke up multiple times to sound of wind and rain, so eventually things did pick up. I took a look at the wind map for last evening and 6pm and 9pm (local time). It was interesting to see the tightly wrapped winds (presumably around the low) at 6pm south of Baranof Island (see … Read more