Tennessee Warbler

A nice sunny day (though I noticed the sun wasn’t packing much punch, only 6 weeks from solstice) and my dad needed the car, so I biked to Moller Park for ultimate. I had decided to take a slight detour to check on the Marbled Godwit that has been hanging out near True Value when … Read more

Raven Radio Show #66 – Jocelyn Colella

Download Radio Show The 9 November show featured a conversation with Jocelyn Colella, who was in town for WhaleFest. Among other things, we talked about her work on small mammals in Southeast Alaska. If you have questions or observations you want to share, please feel free to leave a comment here or on the page … Read more

Juvenile Snow Goose

Snow Geese can regularly be seen migrating overhead during the fall (and maybe spring, though I don’t recall seeing them much then). However, I have only heard of a handful of reports of them actually on the ground, and most of those have been individual birds who for some reason failed to keep up with … Read more