Yard Song Sparrows

Although the banded Song Sparrow has been around for at least a week, today was the first time I managed to get pictures of it (coincidentally, it was last year on this date that I first saw and photographed the bird after that summer). Ordinarily the sparrow tends to stay mostly concealed in the brush … Read more

Thursday Birding

I spent the middle of the day out birding with a couple of folks off the cruise ship who had contacted me about going out. We spent most of our time out at Starrigavan, where they were happy to get good looks at a decent-sized mixed flock of Surfbirds and Black Turnstones. During our time … Read more

Berry Picking in the Clouds

Today the kids and I drove up Harbor Mountain with my brother to go berry picking. I had previously been up with my dad, but at the time half or less of the berries were planning to target were ripe. Unfortunately (where our comfort was concerned) it was a chilly wet day with clouds low … Read more

Mt. Ash Flowers and Fruit

I’ve previously noted late blooming Mt. Ash (Sorbus aucuparia). At the time I thought it might be unusual, but I saw some even more robustly blooming this year along the harbor yesterday. Questions Is this a typical sort of occurrence, or is it dependent on the weather? Do these late blooming flowers ever actually develop … Read more

End of Noctilucent Cloud Season

I saw on SpaceWeather.com (a site I check daily) that this year’s northern hemisphere noctilucent cloud season is over. There was a somewhat hard to follow, but still interesting, animation of this season’s noctilucent clouds from a satellite view. Centered over the north pole, the extent of the cloud imagery (though not the underlying map) … Read more