Tuesday Evening Sunset

Tuesdays are shaping up to be full days, and today was not an exception. I did not spend too much time outside today, but did take a few minutes this evening to get some pictures of the colorful sunset. Although I had a little trouble finding a satisfactory way of capturing it, I especially liked the contrasting color of some of the lower clouds against the higher clouds still catching the more direct sunlight.

Yesterday I checked out Swan Lake and didn’t see anything duck-wise besides the Mallards. However, towards the upper end of the lake I noticed a Double-crested Cormorant with a pretty good-sized fish that I suspect was a trout. Despite the size, it didn’t take long for the bird to get it down. As I was sitting and watching, the cormorant decided to take off, it only gradually climbed as it flew two or three circles around the lake, finally heading over the roundabout toward the ocean. It was not clear to me whether the circles were necessary to gain altitude, or if the bird was just checking things out around the lake and deciding which way to go from there. It seemed like at times it could climb faster, but it also seemed as though each time around the lake was a little higher than the previous loop.

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