Plant Carnival

I’ve not participated much in any of the various natural history themed blog carnivals that are out there, but I recently decided to submit a post I did this month to the Berry-go-Round carnival of plants. Berry-go-Round #34 is now up with links to several different interesting plant-related blog posts.

Gallery: 20101126 Operophtera bruceata

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Update: After taxonomic revisions, these are better known as Operophtera occidentalis Rowan pointed out a moth on the side of a house and then we noticed there were several more. I was able to get these pictures of two different individuals. With help from they have been identified as the Winter Moth (Operophtera bruceata) … Read more

Gallery: 20101123 Gloomy Day

This time of year, it sometimes never gets very bright during the day. Heavy cloud cover combined with the low elevation of the sun result in a sort of day-long twilight. Even at 2:30pm when this photo was taken, there was so little light and contrast that the camera’s auto focus did not work.

Colorful Sunset

As we head toward solstice and the sun sets ever further to the south, it becomes much easier to observe the last moments that the sun is peaking above the horizon – at least on those days with clear skies. I would like to capture a nice image of the green flash that can occur … Read more