Menzies’ Burnet (Sanguisorba menziesii)

Menzies’ Burnet (Sanguisorba menziesii) along Harbor Mountain Trail Menzies’ Burnet (Sanguisorba menziesii) is the least common of the burnets found around Sitka. It’s my understanding that it came about as a hybridization of the two more common species Canadian burnet (S. canadensis) and common burnet (S. officinalis). It certainly appears that way, with the shaggy … Read more

Caramel Looper (Autographa corusca)

Although the identity is yet to be confirmed, I’m reasonably confident the moth pictured here is the Caramel Looper (Autographa corusca). In Southeast Alaska it has previously been reported from Ketchikan. This record (presuming it is correct), may be the northernmost observation of this species. According to the Pacific Northwest Moths account, the larvae of … Read more

Giant Green Sea Anemone (Anthopleura xanthogrammica)

Recently we visited Magic Island (out at Halibut Point Rec) during a low tide and I took advantage of the opportunity to photograph some of the more obvious tidepool denizens which, for whatever reasons, I had not really spent much time with before. Prime among these are the giant green sea anemones (Anthopleura xanthogrammica). As … Read more

Purple Monkey Flower (Mimulus lewisii)

Purple Monkey Flower (Mimulus lewisii) Purple Monkey Flower (Mimulus lewisii) is a plant with showy pink flowers that ranges from California to British Columbia and Southeast Alaska, over into the Rocky Mountains. I was excited to see this plant for the first time back in 2008 when I was doing some work in the Blue … Read more