Daily Observations

I went for a short walk along Indian River to see if there were any Ring-necked Ducks around.
Weather: More snow today. There is at least a couple of feet of snow on the ground now in open areas. Walking in the woods was not bad, but I sunk in pretty deep at the edges of the muskeg I visited.

Birds: There were many Ravens and Bald Eagles in the trees surrounding the subdivisions on Indian River Road. It was a little odd. I am not sure why they were all there.

In the woods I did not see or hear much. I did notice one Red-breasted Sapsucker. I also saw a flash of another bird, but I could not tell what it was, my best guess would be Varied Thrush, but I would not be at all surprised if it were something else.

At the house there were Dark-eyed Juncos and Varied Thrushes.

Other Notes: I was able to follow mink tracks in the snow for a distance until the disappeared under a log in the river channel. I’m not sure whether the animal went into the water or stayed under the log (which connected to a bunch of other woody debris).

Weather: Even more snow fell today.

Birds: There were Dark-eyed Juncos and Varied Thrushes at the house. At the Park Street feeder, I saw lots of juncos, a White-crowned Sparrow, possibly an American Tree Sparrow, and many Pine Siskins.

Weather: Winter weather continues.

Birds: At a feeder on Observatory Street I noticed a White-crowned Sparrow, a Song Sparrow, a lone Bohemian Waxwing (in a berry bearing tree), and a couple of pigeons. At home there were Dark-eyed Juncos and several Varied Thrushes.

Weather: More snow today

Birds: Found evidence of a junco getting killed, presumably by one of the (apparently feral?) cats that frequent the neighborhood.

Weather: More snow fell.

Birds: There were 17 Mallards and 1 Cackling Goose at Swan Lake.

The Channel was quiet, I noticed Scaups, Mew Gulls, and Common Mergansers.

I saw a Bohemian Waxwing on Etolin Street.

Weather: Clear and Cold.
Birds: The usual assortment of juncos and Varied Thrushes at the house. There were no birds at Swan Lake. I’m pretty sure I heard a Song Sparrow belted out a stanza of song on the short Crescent Harbor Breakwater.

I walked around Totem Park on the way to check the mail.
Weather: Very windy with some snow.

Birds: A Red-breasted Sapsucker flew across Lincoln Street when I was on my way to the park. In front of the Visitor’s Center I saw 25+ Barrow’s Goldeneyes. 60 Mallards were a little further down, plus 4 Common Goldeneyes, 4+ Bufflehead, 6 Surf Scoters, a Pelagic Cormorant, and a Red-breasted Merganser further out. In the estuary were another 10+ Mallards (until they were joined by a bunch more, probably the ones I had first seen out off the front beach), a male American Wigeon, a male and female Common Goldeneye, and several Common Mergansers (including up in the river). A Bald Eagle briefly harrassed some of the ducks out off the front beach, though I don’t think it was successful in catching any.

At the house were many juncos, Varied Thrushes, and a Song Sparrow.

2 thoughts on “Daily Observations”

  1. Matt– I have to say I admire your skills with waterfowl. I can tell ducks from geese… and cormorants! But that’s about it. Maybe because about all I see are mallards. Guess I need to learn to pay better attention– or find more water! Good job recording your observations.

  2. Good morning, Matt… I miss your photos, hope you’ll post again soon. Relative to your comment on books and mentors, I thought you should see this book idea, posted by Fred of Fragments from Floyd. I found it inspiring, lots of good ideas for training ourselves to see; it works for adults too. Take care.

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