Daily Observations

Least Sandpiper

I did not get out at all yesterday, since I spent much of the day sleeping after staying up all night to read a book. Today I went for a walk down to Totem Park at high tide to see about getting photos of shorebirds and to check on the orange felt growth. There was a cruise ship in and several other people walked along the beach during the time I was there, so I think that impacted the number of shorebirds that decided to stay on the beach.

Weather: Overcast with a few sunny breaks.

Birds: It was interesting to hear the birds at and just after dawn as I was reading early yesterday morning. The first bird I heard was a Winter Wren. A Raven or two made interesting calls. There were robins outside the house, and a Red-breasted Sapsucker tapped on the side of the house. I got up to take a look when I heard that and saw that it was a juvenile. Probably one from the nest that was back off of Westwood Trail.

There were a few gulls at the park, but they got scared off the beach by a kid going out on the point just as I was arriving. They intially just floated on the water not far off shore, but ultimately flew off to some place else.

The only shorebirds I saw today were all Least Sandpipers. I sat and watched a flock of 10 feeding and resting on the beach for awhile.

While I was watching the sandpipers, I also happened to see a hummingbird feeding in the fireweed patch.

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