15 July Photos: A Trip with Connor to Medvejie Lake

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Connor and I rode out to Bear Cove, hiked up to Medvejie Lake, canoed across, then reversed our route. It was an enjoyable trip. For more about the trip, see Bike, Hike and Paddle to Medvejie Lake.

Harbor Mountain to Gavan Hill

Caltha-leaved Aven Narcissus Anemone Blueberry spp. Dwarf Blueberry Sitka Valerian Stream Violet Alaska Violet Alaska Paintbrush Red Paintbrush Alaska Saxifrage Willowherb Red Elderberry Siberian Miner’s Lettuce Cow Parsnip Trailing Raspberry Black Lily Sea Coast Angelica Veronica Monkshood Columbine Northern Geranium Nootka Lupine Alpine Bistort Northern Wormwood Whorled Lousewort Lousewort sp. Ground Dogwood Deer Cabbage Pixie … Read more