Daily Observations

Mew Gull

Weather: The rain was minimal today. There was a breeze, though I did not note the direction.

Birds: This morning I heard a buzzing kind of bird call outside and could not figure out what it was. When I went to a window to check, I saw Dark-eyed Juncos. Perhaps some of them are starting to move back down from the breeding areas.

On a walk to the park today, I saw 3 Black Turnstones, 3 Western (Semi-palmated?) Sandpipers, and 1 Black-bellied Plover. This is the first time I have seen a Black-bellied Plover this time of year (though I have not really been looking before, either).

Also on the beach were a few gulls, both Mew and Glaucous-winged.

In the alders up from the woods I saw a flycatcher (most likely Pacific Slope Flycatcher, though it did not call, so I am not certain), what looked like a young Varied Thrush, and a Robin.

Flora: One of the reasons I went down to the park was to photograph a relatively uncommon (in these parts) orchid that I had been told was blooming. I am not certain what species it is yet.

In addition, I saw some Siberian Miner’s lettuce still blooming and the carrot family plants in the upper beach/uplift area are blooming.

Out on the beach, the Goosetongue is well into its blooming. There was also a fair amount of Beach Milkwort blooimg as well. It seemed a little strange that this patch was blooming more than a month after I first noticed it blooming.

Red elderberry berries are starting to turn red.

I found a few ripe huckleberries along the trail along the river side of the estuary.

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