Spring Bees

Saw bumblebees for the first time this year. I’m sure they were out and about during the sunny weather while I was gone, however. They were busy buzzing around the blueberry flowers. Most of the flowers seem to have survived the chilly nights that occurred last week, but I did notice some bushes that seemed … Read more


I heard a bird making quite a bit of noise this morning about 6am. I decided to go outside and see if I could figure out what it was. It didn’t take me too long to spot a flicker at the top of a tree next to our house. I also heard a second one … Read more


I returned yesterday from a 10 day trip. Most of the time I was gone, the weather was sunny and warm during the day with temperatures just below freezing at night. There are now many blueberries in bloom and I saw a salmonberry flower as well. Temperatures were cool today, with snow overnight and the … Read more

First Wildflowers

I went for a walk today with Connor and Rowan and we saw some blueberry bushes already in bloom. Hopefully there is not a frost in the coming weeks that kills them, or the berry crop may not be too good.