Marbled Godwits

The marbled godwits are back. I saw the first ones a couple of days ago and they have been on the lawn for at least part of each day since. There seems to be more this year than last. The most I counted last year at one time was 17. Today there were 20 or … Read more


Found an interesting colored spider crawling on my arm today. Decided to take a closer look at it and try to get a decent picture of it. I happened to discover the spider while down on campus, but my camera was at home. In the mean time, while trying to keep it from getting too … Read more


Pollen was in the air today. I suspect it was from spruce trees, but it may have been from something else. I was talking with someone outside today and noticed a strange something in the air. I thought it might be mist particles or smoke, but it did not feel like mist, and I could … Read more

Common Snipes

Went for a hike up Indian River valley yesterday. In the muskeg near the second bridge, I saw at least three different common snipes. I did not see any of them until they took off, but I watched where they landed and tried to approach carefully to get a picture. They blend in well and … Read more

Migrating Geese

I saw a couple of flocks of geese migrating north today. The larger of the two must have been 100 or more. I counted up to twenty and had not made it through most of one side of the V. They were flying over just after dusk. I could just make out the honking if … Read more

Common Snipe?

I saw a bird as I was leaving for work this morning. It had been on the edge of our lawn and flushed as I walked towards it. I did not see it until it was flying and it reminded me of a sandpiper type of bird, although a little rounder than most sandpipers. I … Read more