While sitting near Indian River yesterday, a kingfisher came along. Most of the time I have seen kingfishers they have been perched on a piling or branch above the water and from there they dive into the water to catch fish. The one I saw yesterday did this, but also, as it was flying along … Read more

Elderberry Flowers

I noticed today that elderberry flowers have a fairly strong odor. To me it seems sour, not like a lemon, but I cannot think of what else it might be similar to.

Spring Greening

Last night it started raining for the first time in at least a couple of weeks. Perhaps the change in weather combined with recent events that have occupied my days have given things a new look because today it seemed like many things had suddenly shown significant growth. Many of the plants I have been … Read more


A bear was killed along a popular hiking trail near town yesterday. According to the paper, it was a healthy three year old male. It had taken and killed a dog and then false charged the owner when he went back to look for his missing dog. He called the police and they, along with … Read more

Sunny Weather

When you live in a place like Sitka, you learn to take advantage of warm sunny weather when it presents itself. On the rare occasions when there is a relatively long stretch of such weather, this can result in getting far behind in the things that need to be done. This has happened to me … Read more

Brave Merganser

While down at the park today, Connor and I saw a female common merganser that seemed to be exceptionally tolerant of our presence. There were a total of three mergansers on the gravel bar when Connor and I arrived at the river’s edge. At first I only noticed a pair of mergansers that was on … Read more