Spring Growth

It’s almost surprising how fast plants are producing new growth. This morning when I walked to work, it looked like the buds on the raspberry canes were just barely swelling open and by this afternoon there was an additional centimeter or so. The salmonberry blossoms are starting to open amongst the growing leaves when it … Read more

Birds of Southeast Alaska

Last night Melissa helped me go through my copy of the Guide to the Birds of Alaska to look for birds that occur in Southeast. I was somewhat surprised to find that there were in the neighborhood of 300 species that have been seen in Southeast. Many of these are only casual (which I believe … Read more


When Connor and I arrived down at the beach near the hatchery this evening, we saw an eagle perched on the tallest piling. On another piling nearby, there was a kingfisher. I thought it might be interesting to get a picture that included both birds, but as I approached, the eagle flew away. As soon … Read more


When Connor and I were walking through the woods, we saw a squirrel going down a tree that had a mouth full of something. I am not sure what it had in its mouth, but it looked soft and cottony and was dark gray. It paused for a moment or two to look at us … Read more