Birds Seen or Heard so far in 2003

The other night I decided to try and come up with all of the different birds I have seen or heard so far this year that I could identify with relative certainty. I was able to come up with 26 different birds. I know that I have seen (and probably heard) more, but I am … Read more

Spring Green

Plants sure seem to be liking the warm sunny weather of the last few days. The dearheart heart have really opened up, covering the forest floor in green. It looks like the black lilies are about to bloom near the beach. Twisted stalk have grown to a height of at least 10 cm when I … Read more

Disappearing Snow

Although Mt. Edgecumbe looked like it had a fair covering of snow for most of the winter, the last few days of warm weather have shown how little depth there actually was. My recollection is that in most years there is snow completely covering most of the mountain above timberline well into the late spring … Read more

Sheldon Jackson Mink

This afternoon Connor and I were watching a ball that had been captured by the falling water of the flume falls. While we were sitting there, I happened to look over towards the bridge, and saw a mink standing there. I am not sure if it had come out from under the bridge or somewhere … Read more


The fog came in today. The forecast was originally for temperatures to get up into the mid-60’s, but I suspect it did not make it that high in town. This morning I decided to take Connor and drive up Harbor Mountain Road. I hoped that we would be able to get above the layer of … Read more

A Bit of Skunk Cabbage

While walking along Indian River trail yesterday, I noticed that many of the skunk cabbage plants looked like they had been cut off. At first I thought that maybe someone walking along the trail had done it, but it was so widespread, I began to suspect that maybe deer were doing it. I have heard … Read more