I saw a humming bird in a blueberry bush outside the window this morning. It’s the first one I have seen this year. We bought a humming bird feeder, but we have not put it up yet. Hopefully when we get it set up in front of our window, we’ll be able to see them … Read more


The paper last night mentioned that someone had called in a report of a bear getting into garbage. That’s the first sighting of a bear around town this year, so perhaps they are just starting to wake up from hibernation.

Red-breasted Sapsucker

There has been a redbreasted sapsucker (or perhaps more than one) hanging around here recently. Last Saturday I photographed one on a telephone pole down on Lincoln Street. Yesterday I noticed one flying around the trees by our house (just up the hill from where I had taken the photograph), and today there was one … Read more

Return of the Robins

Last week I thought that I heard a robin, but I did not see any. Today while Melissa, Connor and I were walking down at the park, we saw a couple of robins. Robins do not normally winter in Sitka and I have not seen any around before today, so I assume these have made … Read more