While I was at the muskeg this afternoon, I decided to check around for ants. I looked closely at a mound of moss that had built up around the base of a tree and did not notice any ants. I poked at it a little bit, moving moss around a little bit to see what … Read more

Devil’s Club

It looks to me like most shrubs have budded and started putting out leaves already, but not the devil’s club. I looked closely today at the stalks, and there did not seem to be even the slightest bit of swelling from the buds. I guess it is a relatively late starter.

Summer in April?

Part of the forecast for today was “unseasonably warm.” It certainly was. Temperatures were in the mid-60’s. The warm weather is forecast to last through the weekend.

Winter Wrens

The winter wrens have a pretty loud voice for such a small bird. Their song is pretty long and complex sounding. I recorded one singing in front of the house the other day and have put up an audio file of it singing.

Spring Growth

It’s almost surprising how fast plants are producing new growth. This morning when I walked to work, it looked like the buds on the raspberry canes were just barely swelling open and by this afternoon there was an additional centimeter or so. The salmonberry blossoms are starting to open amongst the growing leaves when it … Read more