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Walk to Totem Park

The kids and I braved the wind to walk down to the park and see what might be around. I thought the gusts of wind pushing spray across the bay was particularly interesting.

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November Snow

Sitka broke records this month for measured November snowfall. However the record comes with a bit of an asterisk, since there are significant gaps in the records for snow amounts. Unlike precipitation, the depth of snow is not measured by … Continue reading

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Clearing and Cooling

Today ended up being a bit more full than I planned, as it took longer to get stuff ready for my dad’s arrival in town this evening. I was able to walk over to the bridge after class and catch … Continue reading

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A layer of stratus clouds was well-positioned to catch the light of the setting sun, resulting in a very colorful sunset.

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Gallery: 20101130 Winter is Coming

Heavy clouds and cooler temperatures brought snow down the mountains over the past day or two.

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Moonrise over Crescent Bay

I took a little time while on my way home last night to shoot some pictures of the moon rising over the mountains and Crescent Bay.

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