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Daily Observations

My parents are in town and my dad and I went over to the airport to pick some strawberries. We also went down to the park this evening so he could see what spearscale looked like and to check out … Continue reading

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Recent Observations

Swainson’s Thrush Singing (465kb mp3) Weather: Saturday morning it was foggy, but the fog started to break up in the late morning. Sunday it rained throughout the day with low clouds. Birds: It seemed like the birds were singing more … Continue reading

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Daily Observations

Weather: Today’s weather reminded me of spring weather I typically associate with March and April. Chilly rain showers moved through with the sun breaking out for short periods of time. The snow level has been down around 2000ft still within … Continue reading

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Daily Observations

Weather: It was mostly cloudy this morning with no noticable breeze. It remained mostly cloudy, but the wind came up later in the morning out of the West or Southwest. Birds: Birds I heard singing this morning included the Winter … Continue reading

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Daily Observations

Weather: Winds were out of the north today. By the afternoon there was a fairly steady breeze. Partly cloudy skies with big cumulus clouds hanging over many of the mountains. It appeared that many of the clouds dropped precipitation over … Continue reading

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