Sitka Nature Show #235 – Zach LaPerriere

Download Radio Show The April 25th show featured a conversation with Zach LaPerriere. This is Zach’s fifth time on the show, and the first since early last year. We talked about some of what he’s been doing over the the last year, including multiple public bench commissions he’s been working on. You can find Zach … Read more

Warming Tempratures (Still Gray)

A bit breezy, some rain and mid-40s. Snow level rose above 2500 ft. We probably are now past mountain snow maximum for the year. As I’ve been noticing since the herring spawned, many ravens were out on the beach and others throughout the forest were quite vocal. I spent a few minutes recording some of their calls today.

Sitka Nature Show #234 – Chris Rurik (encore)

Download Radio Show The April 11th show featured a conversation with Chris Rurik, a writer and naturalist. Among other things, we discussed our mutual interest in natural history, and how we approach it. This conversation was originally recorded and aired in May-June 2019. If you have questions or observations you want to share, please feel … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #233 – Rachel Lauer (encore)

The March 28th show featured a conversation with marine hydrogeologist Rachel Lauer. We spoke about her work investigating the plumbing systems of the sea floor and how water moves around and through faults deep under the ocean surface. This conversation was recorded and originally aired in Fall 2018.

Sitka Nature Show #232 – Bob Armstrong

Download Radio Show The March 14th, 2021 show featured a conversation with Bob Armstrong. We spoke his recent efforts to document and learn about insects active winter, and flying squirrels eating deer truffles. Visit Bob’s website with many photos, videos, and other resources is the website dedicated to springtails which Bob spoke about. If … Read more