Daily Observations

Golden-crowned Sparrow

Weather: Today’s weather reminded me of spring weather I typically associate with March and April. Chilly rain showers moved through with the sun breaking out for short periods of time. The snow level has been down around 2000ft still within the past couple of days, so I suspect the snow pack is still accumulating rather than melting off. Hopefully I can start getting up the mountains in the next week or so as school winds down.

Birds: The ravens continue to feed in the lawn. There were two Golden-crowned Sparrows finding food in our driveway this evening.

Flora: I saw my first stream violet of the year in bloom yesterday. They’ve probably been in bloom for a few days, but I haven’t been getting out to check. The salmonberries are finally starting to get serious about blooming.

Fauna: Two deer were walking up in front of the Stratton Library today through the midst of a number of people. They walked within 5-10 feet of someone who was standing on the stairs by the library.

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