Birds of Southeast Alaska

Last night Melissa helped me go through my copy of the Guide to the Birds of Alaska to look for birds that occur in Southeast. I was somewhat surprised to find that there were in the neighborhood of 300 species that have been seen in Southeast. Many of these are only casual (which I believe … Read more


When Connor and I arrived down at the beach near the hatchery this evening, we saw an eagle perched on the tallest piling. On another piling nearby, there was a kingfisher. I thought it might be interesting to get a picture that included both birds, but as I approached, the eagle flew away. As soon … Read more

Dolly Varden

People have been catching dolly varden down in front of Totem Park recently. I am not sure where dolly varden spend most of their time, but they do show up hear shore each spring to eat salmon fry leaving the rivers. The hatchery manager at SJ says that he will not be releasing salmon fry … Read more

Warm Weather

Yesterday and today have been the first warm sunny days this year. It has been mostly sunny with temperatures in the 50’s. It is really nice to get out on days like these, but I still have too much to catch up on after not getting caught up over spring break on account of being … Read more