Calm Evening at Sandy Beach

For today’s condition outing, I decided to go part way up the direct route up from near Heart Lake trailhead. Sometimes called the “Don’t Panic” route, I was hoping we might find the wooden sign that someone put up with those words.

The last time I took this route was in 1994, and it’s one I’ve been intending to get back to. It follows the watercourse up a few hundred feet before going into the forest and continuing up just inside the woods. We opted to stay going up the watercourse as far as we could (which is what I did the first time I went up there), and we got to a barrier waterfall/cliff at nearly 800 feet elevation.

From there we went into the forest and continued on a higher on the well-worn trail we found there.

Somewhat surprisingly, Rowan didn’t seem to mind this hike – and I had a little bit of trouble keeping up (especially after we went into the woods).

We didn’t find the sign this time. Hopefully I’ll make it back up that way a bit sooner than 20+ years.

This evening I stopped by Sandy Beach and enjoyed the calm conditions as the sun was setting.

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