Caramel Looper (Autographa corusca)

Although the identity is yet to be confirmed, I’m reasonably confident the moth pictured here is the Caramel Looper (Autographa corusca). In Southeast Alaska it has previously been reported from Ketchikan. This record (presuming it is correct), may be the northernmost observation of this species. According to the Pacific Northwest Moths account, the larvae of this species are probably specialists on Red Alder (Alnus rubra).

This is the first one of these I remember seeing. It appeared to be very fresh/clean (rather than worn) and so I suspect it grew up somewhere nearby (as opposed to flying in from a distant place).


  • Do you notice moths in/around places you frequent?
  • Has this species recently just moved in to the area, or is it just uncommon (or uncommonly observed), but has been around for some time?
  • What do its caterpillars look like?

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