Gallery: 20101126 Operophtera bruceata

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Rowan pointed out a moth on the side of a house and then we noticed there were several more. I was able to get these pictures of two different individuals. With help from they have been identified as the Winter Moth (Operophtera bruceata) (aka Bruce Spanworm). These moths fly in the late fall and … Read more

Coral Slime (Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa)

Coral Slime (Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa) seems to be one of the more common slime molds around Sitka. Individuals growths are small and can be easy to to overlook when they occur in small clusters. I associate this slime mold mostly with rotting wood in coniferous forests. I’ve also only noticed it at lower elevations, though this … Read more

Variable Carpet (Anticlea vasiliata)

Variable Carpet Moths (Anticlea vasiliata) are aptly named for their diverse array of color morphs. This May I photographed two different ones, to go along with one I photographed April 2009. Information I’ve seen about larval food plants does not includes only raspberries, which many people raise, but they are not especially common. It is … Read more