Airport Observations

Today gave me reason to consider the baseline level of effort I want to give to the big year project. With work calls and other work tasks to take care of, I didn’t have as much time outside, and with winter’s short days, that did not leave a lot of daylight for observations. I considered … Read more

New Year’s Day CBC

2017 got off to a clear start here in Sitka. I got up relatively early to go count birds for the annual Christmas Bird Count. This year I was participated by counting birds on the water (via boat with Kitty L.) and one of the residential islands near town.  Although it was an excellent day … Read more

A New Year and a New Big Year Project

About an hour before the close of 2016, I finally finished up posting observations from 2012 to iNaturalist. Over the past few months I’ve imported observations of all the unique species I recorded in my phone, plus all the photos I took during that year’s 1000 species project. As I write this, my iNaturalist species … Read more