Needle Blight on Pines

Overcast with rain later in the day. I didn’t get out much. This morning I had a call, and this afternoon I worked to figure out what I needed to fulfill a request for a larger print than I’ve been typically making. By the time I was ready to go, I didn’t have much time … Read more

Sandy Beach and Liverwort Follow up

Overcast, with light rain in the afternoon. Light winds. When I checked the radar late this morning and saw rain moving closer from the south, I decided to put off lunch and get out before the rain arrived. I stopped at Sandy Beach and accidentally locked myself out of my car. Fortunately Connor was about … Read more

Walk to Gavan Hill Trail

Clear with temperatures in the 40s. Breezy (in the afternoon, at least). The Gavan Hill ibuttons were due for servicing, so I walked up there late this afternoon. When I headed out, I noticed the breeze felt chilly. Once I was on the trail the breeze was no longer so apparent. Many of the shore … Read more

Ravens Playing Chase

Mostly cloudy, sun broke through occasionally. Temperatures in the 40s, breezy out of the north. I went for a drive out the road this afternoon. 95 Barrow’s Goldeneye at the mouth of Starrigavan Creek were the most I’ve seen this year. It could be some have come from further south, or maybe they’re moving around … Read more

Little Magic Island and Magic Island

Clear. Frosty overnight with temperatures in the 40s. Becoming breezier as the day progressed. The tide has been trending well below predicted. After a call this morning I went to Little Magic Island to check the tidepools. I forgot my light which limited what I could try and photograph, especially when I realized the camera … Read more

Tidepools Revisited

Clear skies, frosty early with temperatures climbing into the 40s. Light winds. The tide was more than a foot below predicted. I went out to Little Magic Island to check the tidepools again. Today I saw a bunch more barnacle-eating dorids (Onchidoris bilamellata) than I have seen previously. I’m sure they’ve been there the whole … Read more