Return of Snow

Overcast and breezy through the day. Snow beginning this afternoon and accumulating 3+ inches by late this evening.

With the snow starting last night, and the winter weather advisory, I was a little surprised to see only enough to make the ground white.

Through the morning and into early afternoon, there were only scattered flakes.

Once it started up in the afternoon, it snowed for a few hours. It wasn’t especially heavy, so by late this evening there was only 3 inches or so at my house.

I had calls this morning and wasn’t feeling too ambitious after lunch.

I did drive out the road and take a look.

While stopped at Kerr’s Island I saw a couple of river otters swimming across. Most weeks I don’t see any, but this was my fourth encounter in the last three days (though three of them were on one day).

I took pictures of a dead tree that is covered in lichens. I don’t remember if I had noticed it’s mostly Usnea longissima. For some reason it seems very happy in that snag.

After a late night and earlier than expected morning (my secheduled 8am call had been canceled yesterday, but then uncanceled this morning). I was feeling tired and took a nap.

Much of my evening was devoted to getting photos from a couple of last June’s low tide trips into iNaturalist and then catching up on publishing photojournals from this week of sunny days and late evening low tides.

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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