Sitka Nature Show #160 – Kevin White (encore)

Download Radio Show The June 24th show featured a conversation with Kevin White, wildlife biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Originally recorded and aired in Fall 2016, we talked about Mountain Goat life history, as well as about some of his other work with wildlife in Alaska. If you have questions or … Read more

Locating the Golden Eagle Nest

Late last week, Eric and Cathy Parker reported seeing a raptor and hearing calls that were probably a Golden Eagle. Yesterday Chuck Susie found a nest on the cliffs above the west end of Blue Lake, and today was able to confirm that it was in active use by a pair of Golden Eagles. He … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #159 – Allison Nelson

Download Radio Show The June 17th show featured a conversation with Allison Nelson, who has been in town banding Hermit Thrushes while in town as part of he Scientist in Residence Fellowship at the Sitka Sound Science Center. Her work here is contributing to the bird genoscape project for Hermit Thrushes. You can find out … Read more

All Species Big Day Effort

By the end last year’s big year push for species, I was feeling a bit worn down. With nearly 40,000 photos waiting to be processed going back more than a decade, I was also feeling that it was time to focus on ‘making the pile smaller’ instead of bigger. As a result, I’ve not spent … Read more

Rainy Night and Morning

The forecast for today had originally been for partly cloudy weather and little or no rain. I had planned to take care of this year’s Breeding Bird Survey, which requires a 2:30am rise time. Yesterday the forecast for today had changed to rain for the morning, but I set my alarm with hopes that perhaps … Read more

Ground Beetle Crossing the Road

Just one photo today – I was walking home this morning and noticed an introduced ground beetle (Carabus nemoralis) crossing the road. Conditions were a bit breezy at times during the day, with occasional showers and some sunny breaks. Coming out of the movie theater downtown this evening I could see a pink cloud over … Read more