Last of July Sun

With about 10 days of mostly sunny and warm dry weather (Sunday excepted, sun-wise), the forecast is finally hinting at an impending change. Despite the call for a chance of drizzle before 1pm, the clouds broke up early this morning and it was partly to mostly sunny throughout the day (with clouds forming again later … Read more

Roadside Rockcress (fna Arabis hirsuta)

I had been noticing a big patch of what appeared to be plants formerly known as Arabis hirsuta (now better known either by Arabis pycnocarpa or Arabis eschscholtziana though I have not been sure out which one) out along Sawmill Creek Road just past Whale Park. Today seemed like a good time to check on … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #161 – Jon Shaw

Download Radio Show The July 8th show featured a conversation with Jon Shaw, a bryologist at Duke University whose research is currently focused on Sphagnum (peat mosses). We spoke about some of what makes Sphagnum interesting and unique, as well as the role these mosses play in carbon cycles, and some of the work being … Read more

Sunny Fourth

After not getting to bed until very early this morning, I opted to sleep in a bit, and take care of some things during the morning. I had thought about getting out for a hike, but Rowan wanted to watch the parade, so I figured maybe we would go somewhere in the afternoon and evening. … Read more

Porch Moths

I have not been quite as diligent at checking the moths on the porch as last year, but I have been checking. My feeling is there are fewer moths this year, but more spiders. I can’t remember if I regularly swept away spider webs last year, but I may have – and perhaps that made … Read more