Rainy Night and Morning

The forecast for today had originally been for partly cloudy weather and little or no rain. I had planned to take care of this year’s Breeding Bird Survey, which requires a 2:30am rise time.

Yesterday the forecast for today had changed to rain for the morning, but I set my alarm with hopes that perhaps it would be intermittent showers at worse.

Instead, I woke to continuous rain with occasional heavier showers. The survey is supposed to take place during fair weather, so I decided to call it off for today.

As it turns out, that was a good choice, as the rain continued straight through into the afternoon. The rain did let up and the clouds even thinned enough to make it seem like the sun might peak through.

A brief stop by the lake this morning did not reveal the Cinnamon Teal, but there was a Northern Shoveler preening on the peninsula.

This afternoon I worked on photos and did some catching up with the last couple of months of photojournals (at least for days without many photos).

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