Sitka Nature Show #127 – Chris Whitehead and Esther Kennedy

Download Radio Show The 19 March show featured a conversation with Chirs Whitehead and Esther Kennedy of the Sitka Tribe of Alaska Environmental Research Lab. We talked about their work testing shelfish for toxins and the natural history of the plankton that produce the toxins that can result in sickness and death when concentrated in … Read more

Rail Quest

Unable to look for the Virginia Rail after it was seen yesterday, I was prepared to dedicate some time to the effort today.  Clear skies and cold temperatures prevailed – I think it’s now been a full week since the last high temperature above 30F, and I walked in full sunlight to the lake a … Read more

Sandy Beach Observations

Overcast this morning soon gave way to clearing skies. Despite the overcast, there was little change from the cold temperatures that have prevailed for nearly a full week now. Although winds were light, what breeze there was felt very cold (and white caps out on the bay suggested it was not calm everywhere). I had … Read more

Visit to Sandy Beach

Despite overcast skies overnight, there was no real warming. As the morning progressed, the overcast thinned out from the north, and by later afternoon, mostly clear skies prevailed. I did not have much time for getting outside, but did make it out on a brief trip to Sandy Beach to look for some new observations. … Read more

Walk to the Park

Curious about the temperature, I briefly ventured out of bed around 6:30 this morning. The sky was light, but the sun not yet high enough to be shining directly on anything I could see, the thermometer I have here was reading 13.5 F. I am confident it hasn’t been that cold in at least two … Read more