Sitka Nature Show #130 – Chris Sergeant

Download Radio Show (conversation starts about 9 minutes in) The April 30th show featured a conversation with Chris Sergeant, ecologist with the National Park Service. Based out of Juneau, he works with all three National Parks in Southeast Alaska on long term monitoring projects. We spoke about the monitoring being done on Indian River, as … Read more

Totem Park Beach

On a sunny day walk down to Totem Park, most of my attention (and camera) was focused on the beach. I’m always impressed by how effectively the shorebirds can blend in, even when they are close to me. As part of my beach wandering, I also documented some of the changes (or lack thereof) on … Read more

Morning Walk, Afternoon Fire

This warm spring day seemed like a good opportunity to work on burning a pile of rotting wood (much of it pulled out of the dirt in the berm) that has been sitting in my yard for some time. Connor helped pull nails from pieces, while Rowan did much of the moving from the pile … Read more

Alaska Blueberry Flower

Just a single observation (and photo) from today – my first Alaska blueberry (Vaccinium alaskaense) flower of the year. I’ve seen early blueberries have been blooming for about a couple of weeks. It was a full day of calls/work, a conversation for radio, and a talk this evening. With not much sleep last night, I … Read more

A Sunny April Day

This evening I took a trip out to the pump station high water island on Halibut Point Road. I was interested to see the patterns of calm and riffles on the water. I was a bit surprised to find a caterpillar on the (now dead) nectarine tree that was in a pot on the deck … Read more