Leap Day ibuttons

The forecast for day was not inspiring, so I was a little surprised to wake up to blue skies with frost. Winds were calm (though they picked up a little during the day).

When I got back from class this morning, Connor was out looking along the Park Street berm, and I wondered if maybe he had found some deer tracks. We discussed how old they might be, and he concluded they must have been left sometime after it rained but before the frost started (so probably early this morning). He noticed a couple of plants that had a nibble taken out of them, but fortunately most of them seem to be left alone during this round. He later figured out they had made a big loop around the full yard.

This afternoon a friend and I went up to retrieve the ibutton data from the upper cross trail. It was a nice afternoon for a walk, but I discovered my conditioning is not that great, as the walk uphill was breathtaking for reasons other than the view.

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