Snow Free Winter

This winter has continued to remain snow free at low elevations

Yesterday I got a report that the Wood Duck was refound along Indian River first thing in the morning. I had a chance to check there a couple of times yesterday and didn’t see it either time. Today I went again and had no luck, though I did enjoy watching he half dozen Buffleheads utilising the slow water. It seems the Wood Duck has been around, so I wonder where it goes when it’s not at this location.

This afternoon I spent a short period of time over at the airport. The American Tree Sparrows are still around (I saw at least two), and for the first time this calendar year (I think), I saw the Chipping Sparrow. In addition, I had a brief look at the Mountain Bluebird.

Quite a lot of plants are showing a fair amount of green where their leaves are starting to emerge. It could be a pretty tough year if we get much of a late winter cold snap. Even though sunny weather is forecast, temperatures are supposed to remain relatively warm over the next three days or so. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. At 11pm this evening, even though skies were clear, there wasn’t any evidence (yet) of frost when I stepped outside. I suspect it will come, though.

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