Golden-crowned Sparrow in Blueberries

I was a little surprised to see three Golden-crowned Sparrows fly into the blueberry bush in our yard and start eating the flowers. At first I didn’t realize that’s what they were doing, but I got my binoculars out and was able to clearly see one eating a flower. Made a quick trip to the … Read more

Raven Show #2

Download Guest was Scott Brylinsky and we talked about birds, moths, bats, and spring greens, among other things. As always, thanks to all who listened. I’m scheduled to do the next show on this coming Sunday 13 May at 7pm. Richard Nelson is slated to be my guest, and we’re planning to listen to and … Read more

Spring Low Pressure

The last couple of days saw a relatively strong low pressure system through the region and it brought with it wind and rain.  While not particularly fierce compared to most fall and winter storms, there was more wind and rain then we’ve seen in a while. Despite the weather, the kids and I made a trek … Read more

Moth Jackpot

Another partly to mostly cloudy day with little or no moisture.  The wind kicked up a bit in the afternoon, blowing pretty good out of the Southeast and maybe shifting over to the Northeast for a while.  The forecast was for an unseasonably strong low pressure system to move through this evening and tomorrow before … Read more

Full Day

Despite a forecast for rain, the sun broke through the clouds and it remained partly cloudy for most of the day.  We did finally get a bit of a sprinkle this evening, but it didn’t last long.  The kids and I hiked up to the viewpoint on Gavan Hill.  It took us a couple of … Read more

Recent Observations

I made it down to the park again this morning, but didn’t find any shorebirds, not even the Semipalmated Plover I saw last night.   It was actually fairly quiet in the park – I didn’t even see any sparrows along the upper shoreline.  In some ways it’s seemed like an odd migration so far, there’s … Read more