Golden-crowned Sparrow in Blueberries

I was a little surprised to see three Golden-crowned Sparrows fly into the blueberry bush in our yard and start eating the flowers. At first I didn’t realize that’s what they were doing, but I got my binoculars out and was able to clearly see one eating a flower.

Made a quick trip to the park later this afternoon. It was a bit blustery with winds seeming to be out of the west or maybe southwest. Not too much going on – I heard some shorebirds and saw them in the distance, but didn’t get a good look at them. Connor spotted a Merlin in a spruce tree and pointed it out to me. I heard what I think was a Ruby-crowned Kinglet alarming at it. The alarming stopped as soon as the Merlin flew off. Connor and I both had turns being startled by a couple of snipe that were along the grassy margin to the beach by the battle site bench. There were few ducks, though I did notice one Northern Pintail. Also of interest was a Pigeon Guillemot not too far off the beach.

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