Daily Observations

Each of the last couple of days I went down to the park with Connor and Rowan. A kid they have made friends with in the neighborhood came along also, so I mostly just sat and watched what was going on as they played around.

Weather: Mostly cloudy to overcast skies have prevailed the last couple of days.

Birds: Friday there were 22 Short-billed Dowitchers feeding in the washed up seaweed in front of the Visitor’s Center. There were also Dunlin and Western Sandpipers. Saturday there seemed to be fewer dowitchers and smaller shorebirds, but I also saw a couple of Whimbrel and a Marbled Godwit. In addition, I’m pretty sure I saw a Merlin fly overhead.

On the way down to the park Friday, I noticed a Winter Wren nest in a neighbor’s wreath.

Plants: The Stream Violets (Viola glabella) have started blooming in the neighborhood over the last few days.

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